Trials of Ascension

Hello ToA Fans!

Parthuin, one of our very own community members, acquired the rights to the Trials of Ascension IP near the end of July 2019 and has created Dragonfire Entertainment to keep ToA alive and going.

He and the team have been working to breathe new life into the game by rebuilding the entire program from the ground up, reusing many of the old Exile assets. They have rebuilt the island, quadrupling its size. Several of the performance issues have been addressed and a great deal of optimization has occurred. Human gender has been implemented and now players can create female human characters. The previous dragon models will be improved and new adult and ancient models are underway.

With the rebuild also came a complete replacement of the old networking code. Parthuin is confident that the new networking framework could support up to a thousand players, though it will require future stress tests in the future to optimize.

Probably the biggest change to the game that fans will see right away is that Dragonfire Entertainment is dropping the “Exile” and returning players back to TerVarus proper. Parthuin’s first goal is to get the mechanics from Exile up and working correctly before expanding on current or introducing new features. He plans to include many of the older MMO designs into the game in the future and looks forward to feedback from the community.

Stay tuned as we share more information with you all in the coming weeks and thank you for joining us on this exciting adventure!

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