Trials of Ascension

Almet Kithacore

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Almet Kithacore was known for his fierce loyalty to his king, Syraneal of King’s Gate. He was a stable, honest man who worked hard as the Guard Captain. Keeping his beloved city safe was always his first priority after his lord’s will. When Syraneal required men for his army, Almet was one of the first to enlist and became a solid soldier during the expansion of King’s Gate.

There have never been any recorded feats from Almet Kithacore, nothing to stand out or make one pause. From all records, it would seem that he was average and nothing of note so it is curious that Syraneal chose Almet to rule over a large portion of his newly conquered kingdom. Even more curious is that is was due to his ‘great sacrifices’ to his king when, looking over all information known about Almet, that he had sacrificed nothing.

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