Trials of Ascension

Amaria Spellsong

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Amaria Spellsong was a woman gifted with what could only be called a ‘superior’ intellect. Anything she put her mind to was achieved, including magic. Amaria was first introduced to the world of magic by her brother, Thergar, and helped him on his journey when he asked of it. It was unfortunate that Thergar asked her to be a witness to his ‘final’ step in acquiring his first spell as he did not survive the battle with the arcane energy and was killed in front of her.

When Amaria was through her grieving period, she sought out the assistance of a powerful mage in order to learn in her brother’s stead. She wished to master the arcane arts so that she could educate others who were interested in pursuing magery. She felt if her brother had been given guidance that he may not have perished.

When her apprenticeship was complete, Amaria took the last name of Spellsong and worked to rally the people of Serenity’s Gate in Highgrove to her cause. She held many seminars around the city to give information to those interested in seeking out the path of magic as well as to inform the populace of the benefits and harms that magic could cause. Lord Lorok Dunbar saw her teachings as a threat to his ruling, believing her to be amassing an army of mages to overthrow him. In his paranoia he had her executed as an example to all those who wished to rise in power through magic and outlawed it in his kingdom.

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