Trials of Ascension

Angel Scars

Post has published by Pat

The sixteen lakes nestled near Tranquility, Sehdegere Steppes, and Easton Prairie go by the name Angel Scars. On the cusp of known human history, meteors fell onto TerVarus and created these great craters. The impacts from the meteors were so great, that to this day no one knows the depths of the waters of the sixteen lakes. Some say the lakes are interconnected at great depths, perhaps with the ocean and with Starfall, but this is purely speculation. Others claim the waters of all sixteen lakes have magical properties, unique to each lake, but again, these rumors are unsubstantiated and thought to be untrue.

The people of the time did not understand what they were seeing and viewed these bright lights as Angels falling from the heavens. This name was highly influenced by humanity’s fixation with religion at the time.

In today’s times, religion has fallen out of favor, only small groups still congregate to worship and some do so within the privacy of their own homes. While it is no longer believed to be the work of gods or angels, the name has stuck and withstood the test of time.

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