Trials of Ascension


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Disclaimer: The subject matter of this story is strictly for entertainment purposes only, and is in no way indicative of what, how, why or whether similar events could be experienced in the game or even possible. 

Emergence of Intelligence

I have no form; I have no substance. I am ethereal. I am the beginning of understanding and the emergence of intelligence. I get a sense that I’m drifting on air, surrounded by an ocean of space and buried in a vast galaxy of bright light. What am I?  How can I have these thoughts to begin with? How can I understand what a galaxy is, bright light or even sensing? Where am I? I sense I used to be something else. I wonder what it was. Yes, I definitely was something else, but now all I am is light. Ever drifting, ever-changing and constantly in motion, even when the air is still. How can I know all these things and yet not know what I am?

Attraction and Coalescence

Moving in all directions and none at all, I sense patterns in the light. Occasionally, I can sense being pulled in directions I’m unable to control. Some of these motions start and then stop instantly. Other motions pull me seemingly for an eternity, and then I stop again. Each pull motion feels like it is in the right direction, and then it ends as abruptly as it started. These motions have happened so many times, I’ve lost count. Strangely, some of these motions bring me into view of horrible, monstrous alien things. I know not what they are, but I do know I do not like them and I will resist them with all of my energy. So far, I’ve been lucky to not be pulled away. During one motion recently, I sensed several other energies being drawn away towards one of these horrors, but I was lucky enough to escape.

Oh no! It’s happening again!

I sense a vortex of some kind pulling on me intensely! I’m trying to resist, but I don’t think I can withstand this one. No horror thing is here, so maybe this is a good thing. As I move towards this vortex, my resistance is useless. Wherever I am going, I cannot avoid it. Suddenly, my essence form begins to change! I’m transforming into something! Yes, I can definitely start to sense something else is with me. I do not know who or what it is, but I can sense it more clearly now. What is that? I sense a large stone object. I do not know what it is, but I can sense heat emanating from it now. Extreme heat! I’m inside the heat! I sense it should be destroying me utterly, but it does not. Now I get a strong sense of fluidity and of more motion, only this type of motion is far slower. I sense the motion is slowing down even more now and I sense myself moving into a rectangular room. Within this room, I sense the color orange. A bright, vibrant orange everywhere around me, a glow of incredible magnitude. Now I’m starting to sense a dimming of the orange glow. Lower and lower, lesser and lesser. I sense the glow is dying. Perhaps I am dying as well. Yes, it is almost gone now. Utter blackness. The orange has died and has taken the heat with it.

I sense the passage of time, yet have no idea of time, and still I sense it passing by me like my slow, orange fluidic journey earlier. It’s getting cooler now, but not cold. The orange glow is utterly gone. Everything is black. This room is devoid of all color once again. I miss my bright light.

Senses and Creation

I sense motion again. Not air or fluidic motion, but actual physical motion, sort of like the orange fluidic motion earlier. This motion is different, however. The room is still totally black, but I can sense that I can feel now. It’s cool in this black void, but is sensing coolness the same as having the sense of feel? It must be. I get a strong sense of coolness from this black void. Something is happening again. The room is beginning to glow orange yet again! Warmth!

The orange glow and heat has returned intensely, and the orange fluidity of my form returns, and I’m moving into a different room now, an oddly shaped room that also slowly fades out into a total black void once again. Wait, what was that? The softly glowing orange room is shaking violently! Again, and yet again! I sense sound now. A strange sensation is sound! The sound is loud, and I sense both the sound and the shaking should also be able to destroy me utterly, yet it does not. The sound, shaking and orange lasts roughly the same amount of time as the orange fluidic journey. I guess. As strange a sensation as sound is, time is an even more alien sense. It somehow connects events from one point to another, like some never-ending chain.

Cognitive Awareness

Something has happened. Something I do not fully understand. I can now sense something far more wondrous and incredible than I ever experienced previously, even greater than my bright light existence. Gone are the black void rooms and warm orange glows. I sense my shape has changed dramatically. I now sport an odd irregular shape, half-circular on one end, the opposing end also bears a point of sorts and I seem to have a long round extension extending down from between both. The rest of my form is purely enigmatic. I can’t even begin to try and explain it, so I won’t bother. Whatever it is I have become, I must say that I am a gleaming and brilliantly shiny one!

What is that? Light? Yes! I sense my bright clear light one again! I’m able to sense a lot more now. I sense I’m within a rather large room filled with so many amazing and wondrous things, I’m not sure I can describe them all. I’m laying flat upon several large brown objects surrounded by a clear object, something green, and yet another object so ridiculous looking, it can’t possibly exist!


I sense moving motion yet again. What is that?!!! Oh no….the horrors have returned!!

“Brie, bring me that axe, would you kindly, son?” A voice shouts out, a voice not mine.

IT SPEAKS! I can understand this thing! What’s an axe?

“Yes, papa.” The smaller horror-thing squeaks out in a higher pitched voice.

This horror-thing moves right up to me and uses some pointy part of itself to grab me and pick me up! It then carries me over to a much larger horror-thing kneeling down next to a massive gray object I’ve never seen before. The huge gray object is glowing orange! I sense the same orange glow from the object, and the heat is the same, warm and comforting. The smaller horror-thing called Brie by the larger horror-thing hands me over to the larger horror-thing. Then, unbelievably, the large horror-thing places me upon some spinning round device of some kind, and I begin to spark and shower the area in light! This is the coolest thing ever!

Once finished, the large horror-thing removes me from the spinning object and sets me upon the large metal object. The smaller horror-thing starts pushing up and down upon some strange device at the end of the large metal object, and I see orange. Bright orange coming straight at me! Intense heat warming me once again throughout my new form. The large horror-thing called Papa, removes me from my shaped-item with the ridiculous-looking object, sets me down upon the large gray metal object, and begins to pound on me with a club! After many raps with the club, Papa dips me in water and the water explodes into mist! I’m powerful! The water feels great. I cool much faster than the last time, and I sense great strength building within me.

Papa then places me on the large metal object and leaves.

“Don’t touch it, Brie. It’s still hot. Give it time to cool more.”

“Yes, Papa.” Brie utter, staring at the larger horror-thing.

Sometime later, Brie waits until Papa leaves the area, grabs my round extension part in one of its appendages and begins moving me through the air for some reason. I occasionally clank off of one of the metal objects, and a few sparks fly. I like Brie. It’s fun. It hit things with me. For some reason, I like that. Brie then swings me and I impact into one of those brown objects, and I sink right into it! Chunks of brown fly away from where I impact. I can destroy things! More Brie more! Unfortunately, Brie is unable to remove me from the brown objects despite its efforts to yank on me vigorously. A deep voice rings out.

“Brie! What are you doing in there? You better not be playing axe warrior again. I told you not around the forge.” The familiar voice of Papa sounds out.

“Sorry papa.” Brie speaks out. Papa returns to the room. “It’s stuck Papa.” Brie says sheepishly.

“Yes, it is, isn’t it.” Papa says calmly. “Well, if you’re going to be an axe warrior, you need to be able to remove one from what you hit, right?”

“Yes, papa.” Brie says.

“Go on then. Pull it out.” Papa speaks.

“I already tried. I can’t.” Brie utters weakly.

“Nonsense. You had the strength to embed it in the wood just fine, now didn’t you?” Papa scolds.


“Well, I don’t raise weaklings, Brie. Get up there and remove it.” Papa says, strongly and reassuringly.

Brie moves over to me and grasps me by my extended round part he was holding to swing me around the room. Small horror-Brie yanks on me by this handle as he calls it, and with a few labored tugs, successfully removes me from the brown.

“Papa! I did it!” Brie extols excitedly, happy he removed me from the wood.

“Well done lad. Now go put it on the display shelf. It’s ready for sale.” Papa states.

“Okay. Papa, I’d like an axe like this one day.” Brie says, placing the axe on a display shelf.

“I know you would, and you will when that day arrives. Come along now. I believe dinner is ready.”


Understanding, for an Axe

An axe. They called me an axe. I have no idea what an axe is, but if they say I am one, then it must be so. I know I wasn’t always an axe. I was something else. Something not an axe. Perhaps one day I’ll discover what I was, and perhaps Brie will help me. I hope so. I like Brie. Perhaps my sensing I was something else is what gives me my ability to sense. I don’t know if that is true or not, but I like the idea.


The Voice

Brie placed me upon a shelf, which must be this piece of wood I now rest upon. I sit next to several other items, all of which I do not recognize, and here I sit for what feels like an eternity. Frequently, Brie comes over to my shelf and looks directly at me. I wish he’d claim me as his own. After so much time resting on the shelf, I no longer consider these things to be horrors, particularly Brie. Storage is boring. I want to break things again! Someone please pick me up. Brie where are you? I want you to hold me again and break things with me.

Brie enters the room where I am resting. Once again, I long for Brie to…

“Is someone there?” Brie speaks aloud, looking around the room calmly.

Papa enters the room from behind Brie. “What are you doing in here, Brie? I told you to leave that axe alone. It’s not going anywhere.”

“I thought I heard someone’s voice in here, Papa.” Brie mutters.

“There’s no one here except the two of us, Brie. I’ve locked all the doors for the night. Now come along. Your chores are waiting.” Papa commands.

“Yes.” Brie moves off at Papa’s command, looking back and wondering.

Moving together into the main room of the house, Brie moves over to a closet, opens it and removes a broom and begins sweeping the floor. Papa moves into the kitchen area and begins making the evening meal. After several minutes of sweeping, Brie opens the main door of the house and quickly whisks the dust, dirt and small pebbles outside onto the ground. He then takes the broom outside and gives it a few good whacks up against a main support beam of the house. Dust flies into the air in the cooling evening twilight.

Papa places a large bowl of stew over an open fire and begins some general cleanup around the house. After some time, Papa informs Brie that dinner is ready. Brie comes to the table and sets it while Papa dishes out the meal.


“Why are you bored, Papa?” Brie asks between mouthfuls of stew.

Papa looks to Brie quizzically. “Why would you think I’m bored, my son?”

“You just let out a large sigh.” Brie mentions.

“I didn’t Brie. Perhaps it was you and you’re more tired than you think.” Papa chuckles.

“I’m finished with my supper, Papa. Can I go to my room now? I finished my chores too.” Brie asks.

“Yes, Brie. Good night.”

“Goodnight, Papa.”


Brie think to himself as he crawls into bed. I know it wasn’t me that sighed, and it wasn’t Papa, so who was it?

It was I, Brie. Your axe. You and I are destined to be together. Do you understand destiny?

“Yes, I think so. It means we’re friends, right?”

Exactly. Friends for life.


The Oath

I now understand my reason for being, or at least, a reason I desire. Brie and I shall be one. One in body, one in mind, and one in motion. Brie and I were made for one another. One day, he shall learn this fact and he will claim me as his own. Tomorrow is that day. For this axe, I swear.

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