Trials of Ascension

Cavern of Ildath

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The Cavern of Ildath is a naturally occurring landmark. Located in the abrupt cliff walls that separate the heavily forested region of Highgrove from the arid deserts to the south, the Cavern of Ildath is a narrow, rough cavern comprised of sharp rocks and boulders, as well as various underground lichens, mosses and vines. A dangerous narrow path winds its way through the cavern, switching back and forth around boulders and up steep inclines.
Head clearance varies all along the cavern path.

During the daylight hours, light only penetrates around one hundred meters into the cavern before becoming dim and then dark. The overall length of the cavern path is unknown, but adventurers have claimed it took them well over an hour to traverse the cavern. Bats, rats and other small vermin have been seen within the cavern. Sand sifts into the southern end of the cavern from the desert several meters in. Some small cave rooms can be found here and there within the cavern’s length, but they’re quite small and barely serve as resting places. Bioluminescent mosses illuminate the darkness in the center regions of the cavern.

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