Trials of Ascension

The Champions of the Shield

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The Champions of the Shield were founded in the city of Kadwar in the year 7443 by a former Captain of the Guard, Merr Kavesh. Primarily founded to combat the rise of bandit attacks in the area when Lord Oldar, ruler of Kavesh, refused to send any help to the outlying areas. These bandits would soon be known as The Silent.

Merr Kavesh and his captain, Belan Hossul, soon grew in popularity with the farmers and tradesmen and were able to grow in size as well as set up a base, Kadwar Fortress, on the edge of Easton Prairie and Oscetere Fields. In their peak, they had several outposts of men as far north as Tallanore and as far south as Deadfall.

When the Dark Wars grew to consume the entire continent, they were forced to abandon the forts and hole up in Kadwar Fortress. When the Raknar invasion came to light, The Champions were one of the first into the fight and as such, were nearly wiped out. The few remaining all but disbanded the company, retiring to different areas of the world. Kadwar Fortress now lies in ruin.

Rankings for the Champions of the Shield:

  • Lord
  • Captain
  • Lieutenant
  • Ensign
  • Sergeant
  • Corporal
  • Private

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