Trials of Ascension


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Eneni glanced up as a customer entered the shop. Grunting a greeting, he set back to writing out his letter of resignation. It needed to be simple yet convey his feelings appropriately. He chewed upon the end of his quill, ignoring the people in the shop completely as he thought on it.

Eventually, the people insisted on bothering him even more, placing the items on the counter. With an annoyed grunt, Eneni looked up at them, and that was when it struck him. Beautiful, perfect, exactly the kind of finishing touch he needed. With a smile he inclined his head, “It is on the house. Enjoy.”

It was no surprise that the shop was soon the most popular place in town. Whistling a cheery tune, he packed up for the day and signed his name at the bottom of his note.

‘About my payment, rather the lack of payment, please forget about it entirely. I was moved by your show of charity to the people, giving them what they required at no cost, and have decided that I could do by your example so do not fret over it any longer.

Thank you for teaching me how to enrich my life,

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