Trials of Ascension

Dorian Dunarth

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Dorian came into focus in history during the first plague. While a young man, he took an interest in magery. Due to his quick wit adventurous nature, Dorian was one of the fastest mages in recorded history to assemble a spellbook. Once he had accomplished this, he approached Tilnarus Zythore and impressed him with a new spell that had not yet been seen. Eager to learn this new spell, Tilnarus offered Dorian an apprenticeship in his order, the only order of magic to exist in the world at the time.

As an apprentice of the Order of Zythore, Dorian was sent to aid in the search for a cure along with ambassadors from the more prominent kingdoms of the time. His main purpose was to study the plague to see if it was magical in nature or not. Dorian met and agreed to work alongside a local healer, Camys Du Ceas, and ignored his duties to the council. Due to his actions, he is credited alongside Camys for the cure of said plague by discovering a new plant, Camys’ Heart.

From this point on, Dorian falls back into obscurity. No records have been found as to his whereabouts after that time, though there have been instances of his name popping up throughout history.

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