Trials of Ascension

Forced Bankruptcy

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It was the last day of observation for Inadra. She had been settled in the busy square of Ironfast for near a week and a half now, spending all of her time sitting outside and watching the people bustle about. Though her interest was more concentrated on one person in particular, she did take time between sightings to relax and get a better feel for the city.

A sketch pad was always in her hands and she carefully drew the square in detail, adding in the regulars that came up to look in on her work. Slowly, she became part of the background, easily overlooked and forgotten.

Inadra sat quietly at her table outside of the tavern sipping at her drink once again. Her gaze lazily took note of the folk that wandered by, hurrying to complete their tasks for the day. Spying the woman she was looking for caused her to pick up her quill once more. Quickly taking note of the time, she flipped the page in her booklet and wrote it down. A pleased smile lit up her face and Inadra sat back, watching as Vernia went to the next location, the smithy. After an hour, she would return to her own shop and stay there until sundown.

Vernia Esstora was currently the wealthiest merchant in the city, meaning she had quite a bit of sway in everything that went on. Inadra’s task was to fix that. Vernia was certainly careful, you had to be in this town, but there were a few holes in her scheduled routine and the most ideal time would be happening tomorrow.

With a smug and cheery smile, Inadra added the last touch to her picture, Vernia Esstora in beggars clothing as she wept over an empty safe.

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