Trials of Ascension

Lake Ardmor

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Lake Ardmor is the centerpiece landmark of the entire jungle subcontinent. Lake Ardmor serves as a border for the regions of Tongodore, Brackenverge and Thornvine. A massive lake, Lake Ardmor is home to a huge variety of flora and fauna. It feeds the Tasdenris River, the main massive river that drains north from Lake Ardmor to Catastrophe Falls and even further into Shadowmoor.  The origin of the lake’s name is unknown, though historical rumor suggests that it may have been named after a long-lost jungle city named Ardmor. Whether this is true or not remains a mystery.

Lake Ardmor is also a very deep lake. At its greatest depths, Lake Ardmor filters the sunlight to a murky shadow. Strange, bizarre species have been known to wash ashore from its depths. The often intense rainstorms and thunderstorms that form over the jungle and soak it tend to keep the lake full most of the year, but during the heaviest downpours, the multitudes of runoff streams and creeks that feed Lake Ardmor can create massive whirlpools that spin offshore as a result of the violent rush of water into the lake. These whirlpools are a grave danger and threat to any and all boat traffic or swimmers caught in the lake during one of these downpours.

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