Trials of Ascension

Lord Kavesh

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Merr Kavesh started his career off as a simple caravan guard, traveling through the plains. A few years of this prepared him enough to sign onto the guards of Kadwar, one of the most prosperous cities of the time.

It was there that Merr met and made fast friends with Oldar, future lord of Kadwar, and Belan, the man who would become like family. Through the years, Merr rose up through the ranks of the guard, becoming Captain just before the start of the Dark Wars. He named Belan his second and Oldar had risen to become the Lord shortly after.

Through the Dark Wars, Merr Kavesh built up his reputation, winning nearly all of his battles with the Silent and setting up forts from northern Tallanore to the northern borders of Deadfall. The most notable battle being the battle of Angel’s Scar Lakes, commonly referred to by locals as the Angel Scars.

Relations between Oldar and Merr soon became strained as each had their own idea of what was best for the region. It came to the point where Merr left the guard, taking Belan and a third of the men to protect the outlying areas under the name of Champions of the Shield.

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