Trials of Ascension

Plague Diary Entries

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Found on a recently recovered lost piece of parchment, here are more previously unknown entries from the Plague Diary, as written by Camys du Caes (names provided by our wonderful backers).

Quiet and humble, Shimrod will be missed dearly by our community. He has no heir to take over his farm so I am unsure of what will happen to it. I attempted to use a willow bark tea for the first of his symptoms but to no avail.

Our resident blacksmith as the name suggests. Never missed a day of work in his life, I thought he would have survived if anyone would. My treatments included a lichen brew but still no luck in treating this plague.

Armond the jester
Always bright and cheerful, though he was plagued with sticky fingers on top of this illness. I treated him with a series of aromas to help soothe the breathing issues, but none seemed to have helped.

Aulus Valerius Barbatus
Sent here to assist in treating the plague. I did not know him well; he was more acquainted with Dorian. Treatments included a mix of my previous attempts. At first it seemed to be helping but he passed as well.

One of our most well known guards. There never seemed to be a day when he was not watching the northern gate. I attempted treatments with a fireweed salve. No progress made on a cure.

William Wozencroft
Owned a successful tavern near the center of town. Quite good at brewing and a decent cook. Boiled cattails and alder bark. Helped the throat but overall was not good enough to save him.

A promising healer in the community. It was sad this plague has befallen us and taken his life. Attempted to use rock tripe in soup to help but no change.

Javus Castellan
Administrative worker in the town. Generally well liked and worked for the people. Used a jam-like spread of bearberries for him to eat. Seemed to be promising at first but soon had no effect.

Tanion Corvyre
Our main caravanner, he would supply us with goods from all over the world. When he discovered he was ill he came to us but it was too late to do anything for him. His passing was hard to watch.


Owned the local general supply shop. If you needed anything at all, Storman was the one to ask. The plague hit him particularly hard. I was not able to treat him long enough for anything to be conclusive.

Captain of the Guard, stern and a formidable warrior. Another I would have thought likely to survive. Treatment was ginger mixed with tree oils in the form of a tea. No effect was seen.

Our local firestarter, he was in charge of lighting the street lamps at night. He was also studying the arcane. Treated with varying types of rock salts.

He was a great huntsman, supplying our town with most of the meat we used. I fear if any more of our tradesmen die the ones who are still healthy shall perish from starvation. Treatments included chewing raw silverroot.

Emm Apolle
She ran the treasury. A sweet woman unless aggravated. I was unlucky enough to have her in such a state. Pressed eel skin to the tongue three times a day for thirty minutes. No effect.

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