Trials of Ascension

The Keepers

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The Keepers, also known as Sages of the Black Tower, are a group of scholars dedicated to understanding the mysteries and magics of the Monolith. Many of the artifacts considered to be powerful or meaningful are stored at the Monolith for safe keeping and study.

Only those truly dedicated to the scholarly pursuits of the great tower are asked to join the order, forsaking worldly distractions such as money, power, and relations in order to solve mysteries of TerVarus.

While they were free and trusting at the start, after the Tablet of Flame was stolen from the Monolith strict rules and procedures were put into place. No one is allowed to see an artifact alone, Keeper or visitor alike. Two Keepers are posted to keep watch over each artifact inside the tower and visitors are only allowed to study and view them in the daylight hours. Extremely dangerous items are placed in the only open wing of top levels and only Keepers are allowed to view them.

While artifacts are only able to be seen during the daylight hours, the Keepers and Monolith are available no matter the hour for meditation or advisement.

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