Trials of Ascension

The Rivers of Copper Lake

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Omadra River

The Omadra River is the longest of the three rivers that flow out of Copper Lake. It is also the slowest flowing river. It is so slow flowing within its banks and so shallow, in fact, that people have crossed it on foot all the way up its length to the convergence of the three rivers at Brightwater Falls. The Omadra River has no rapids of any kind, and only a few deep pools along its length as well as an occasional stream or creek that drains into the main river and from the forests of Tallanore and Silverroot. Despite these tributaries, the Omadra River gets more shallow the further west it flows and the closer it gets to Shadowmoor, and it eventually drains away softly and widely into Shadowmoor like a large bayou with hundreds of small rivulets all draining the volume of Omadra away into the sea. The Omadra River is named after Omadra Ostelherr, the first person to explore its entire length.

Turskel River

The Turskel River is the shortest of the three rivers that flow out of Copper Lake. It flows due south and has the steepest descent from Copper Lake of all three rivers, though it is not so steep that it could be called a cascading river. Rapids and small waterfalls line its entire length with numerous pools at the base of each water fall. The Turskel River splits the two regions of Arthripos and Kithacore. At the end of the river, it fans out into a wetlands plateau and drains into Starfall. The Turskel River is named after a small marmot-like creature that is known to live along the banks of the Turskel.

Bandra River

The Bandra River flows east from Copper Lake and through the regions of Kithacore, Grizzleback and northern King’s Gate. A winding river, the River Bandra is rough flowing, with many boulders within its bank and along its banks, which causes the water to drop and churn heavily as it passes through and around the boulders that make up its course. Along the King’s Gate region, the Bandra River has overhanging trees and vines growing amidst the boulders. How the Bandra River got its name is unknown.

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