Trials of Ascension

The Roadmaker

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Behrand awakens to yet another dreary day. Hot and humid, Onyxcrag in summertime can be miserable. It’s like the sun’s rays turn the rock into a huge heat-absorbing furnace. Yawning, Behrand rises out of bed and stretches, then notices the sheets on his bed are nearly black.

“Oh damn it, not again. I knew I shouldn’t have fallen asleep so soon last night without taking a bath.”

Behrand lets out a sigh and proceeds to rip the sheets off the bed and throw them out the window into a small pile of sheets and clothing jumbled at the side of the house.

“Oh my, I’m such a disgusting slob.” Behrand says, stating the obvious and looking at how absolutely filthy he is.

During the next hour, Behrand spends the entire time in the tub. Finishing up, he dries himself off and dumps the now-brown water off into the rockery that makes up Behrand’s front yard.

“Ready for work!” Behrand shouts, feeling clean once again.

Behrand makes his way to the quarry. Once there, he checks in with his supervisor. “Hey Talnor. What’s up? Are we on the same road today?”

“The same one, only this time we have to pass through a swampy area. It should be fun.” Talnor says.

“Fun he says. Yeah, laying pavers is fun, especially in swamplands.” Behrand states sarcastically.

Behrand and Talnor hop up into the wagon fully loaded with cobblestone pavers and set off down the incline out of Onyxcrag with several of Onyxcrag’s best guards in tow. The trip to the work site was long and distant, usually requiring about many hour’s travel time, barring any interruptions or creatures. Thankfully, this journey was uneventful.

Both men spend the next nine hours pounding pavers into the mucky mire, stopping briefly for lunch. After work, they load up their tools and make their way back to Onyxcrag. Such is the day and the life of a paver.

“Why again are we making this road through a swamp?” Talnor asks.

“I have no idea. Someone wants it made, so we make it. Plus, the money’s pretty good.” Behrand states. “What else am I going to do? Adventure?”

Both men let out a hearty laugh.

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