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The Strait of Tirana

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The Strait of Tirana is named after the remains of the lost city of Tirana. All that remain are a few crumbling building ruins, which is said to be haunted by ghosts or worse. Located on the southwestern coast of Sehdegere Steppes, the ruins of Tirana are the only remaining legacy remnant for the name “Tirana”, thus most historians conclude that this must be how the strait got its name.

Little else is known about the ancient city of Tirana other than bits and pieces of lore in the Monolith. From what it tells, Tirana was the largest hub for fishing and seafood for the entire region. Any fish or shellfish eaten anywhere in the Steppes could be traced to coming from the city.

Once established as the largest fishing village on the coast of Sehdegere Steppes, Tirana still has ancient ruined docks widely scattered about its shores. Some reports tell of sunken, rusted fishing traps as well as old rotten caskets from the time of Tirana also lay in sleepy waters off the coastal sands. Perhaps the people there buried their dead at sea?

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