Trials of Ascension

The Whisper

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One of five, The Whisper is the highest ranking Silent in the Tallanore region. The Whisper never made public appearances, only ever directly meeting with the other Silent captains as well as the few trusted advisors. The true name and gender of The Whisper was never confirmed, though there are speculations favoring each side of the argument. Some few believed there was no Whisper and that it was a name created by the advisors

Whatever was believed, the brutality displayed by The Whisper was what drove the fear into the people. Any who defied the Silent in the Tallanore region were killed and put on display as warnings for others. None were spared from this fate, even a few of The Whisper’s advisors were put on display for questioning orders.

The main goal of The Whisper was to gain total control of the Talithis, ruling from the shadows with fear and anonymity.

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