Trials of Ascension

Progress of the Races

Greetings Ascended players!

Welcome to our third News Post where we detail what’s been going on with Trials of Ascension concerning the Dragons, the Raknar, and the Humans.

Let’s talk about the humans first. Quite a few things were implemented and some of it was shown in the recent gameplay videos. Equipping and unequipping various pieces of armour as well as the ability to use multiple weapons (let me say it is fun both slicing up your opponent with a sword as well as stabbing them with a dagger). There is also the crafting menu where humans can choose to craft multiple weapons, pieces of armour, and components of buildings as well as buildings themselves. The options will be endless! And we have started the very first implementation of the magic system for humans as seen below:

WIP Fireball

There is still more to come for the humans regarding combat, resources, and more! But let’s talk about the dragons and what’s been implemented for them.

To start, nuggets have been implemented. For those new to Trials of Ascension nuggets are something that will be used mainly by dragons to molt to the next stage. However they can, and most likely will, also be used by the other races as well. An important thing to note is that while all races will use nuggets in some way, dragons will be the most dependent on them.

They will require more balancing but any and all dragons can harvest from nugget nodes and consume them in order to increase their molting meter. Along with nuggets, dragons also have the ability to use Night Vision, just like the Raknar, and can use it to hunt prey or stop themselves crashing into a tree. They cannot craft regular items like weapons or buildings, but they can craft their own race-specific items such as dragon nests by harvesting the resources around them. These will be the main place dragons go to molt.

The Raknar will not have magic, armour or be able to harvest from trees/resources but make no mistake, they do not remain forgotten! We’ve currently only implemented night vision as well as walking up walls for Raknar, but there are still many more features coming such as building (and upgrading) webs, skewering their opponents, building a spiderling army, and more!

There are also the basics for each race that has been implemented such as hunger, thirst, temperature, resource harvesting and still so much more we want to do. Follow us through our newsletter or social media as we bring Trials of Ascension to life. Stay tuned for our In Depth articles on each race in the coming weeks!

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