Trials of Ascension

Next Testing Phase and Gameplay Videos!

Hello to all our Trials of Ascension fans! It’s been an exciting couple of months and the excitement only continues!

To start, we are proud to announce that the next Trials of Ascension Alpha Testing Phase will begin October 15 and will continue until the new year! However, this testing phase will not strictly be limited to those with the Alpha Pass. Until December 1, you will not need an alpha pass to enter the game. Those with or without an Alpha Pass will be able to play completely free for the next month. After December 1, you will once again need an Alpha Pass to enter the game.

We will be temporarily opening up a special page on the site to Download the Game. Through that, everyone who visits the page will have access to a build of Trials of Ascension that they can login to using their site login.

Along with the alpha pass news, we’ve also got 3 updated gameplay videos for you to watch and see what each race actually consists of. Are you wanting to take to the skies as a fire-breathing dragon?

Or perhaps you’d like to climb everything as a raknar alongside your spiderling army? Or bite things as a strong vampire?

Or maybe, you wish to be casting magic and building your own house as a human?

The choice is yours!

Like what you see? Then help support us through our patreon or our website store cosmetics!

We hope to see everyone in the world of TerVarus in the coming months!


October 18, 2021
Quick question, how do you sign up for an account? It seems while you're able to play ToA for free, but only if you have an account, same for attempting to purchase an alpha pass. I have not found where to register on your website in order to attempt to play, or to provide support via purchasing from your shop.
October 18, 2021
You can sign up for an account by clicking the login button at the top right (the arrow going in a door/entrance). Then click the register tab and follow the steps to create an account :)

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